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Cake Wrecks Book Tour – Salt Lake City, Utah

If you don’t read Cake Wrecks, YOU NEED TO BE!

It’s been one of my favorite sites for a very long time. I remember the day I first discovered it, I spent HOURS reading the. entire. site. I still can’t get enough of it.

When I saw they were coming to Salt Lake I jumped on the chance to be a featured baker and serve all of their devoted fans.

I got to meet Jen and Jon (the brains behind Cake Wrecks) They were (/are) SO incredibly sweet. And so humble. Loved them. (can you believe I didn’t get a picture with them?? What was I thinking??)

I took this picture of the crowd laughing at hilarious cakes before the room REALLY got full. Boy, it was hot in there..

Have I ever introduced you to the BEST ASSISTANT EVER?!?!

This is Emily.

My Assistant.

I don’t pay her.

But, she loves me anyway.

Most of the time.

But we pay her in free cable.

And all the cup of noodles she can eat.

She loves those things.

But, I wont feed her coconut ice cream again.

Don’t ask.

ahem… Emily..

Cute, right?

This was our table all set up, I wish I had an after picture. It wasn’t pretty.

And the center of attention..

The biggest cupcake I’ve ever seen in my life! It was great…

I loved every second of being there. I met some fantastic people and I just can’t get enough of The King’s English Bookshop. (Plus, this one time, I saw Dooce there!)

p.s. Jen wrote an awesome post on this event too. And took pictures of the wreckplicas. Go check it out!6/29


  1. You did a fantastic job!!! :)

  2. Whatever Dee-Dee wants says

    Fun! I am sad I missed it!

  3. Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy says

    JEALOUS!!! I wanted to do cakes for the event but I had the EVO conference so I couldn't! Glad someone amazing was able to be there! And tell me more about this cupcake conference?

  4. Mixed Up Me says

    According to that picture, your assistant was also paid in Starbucks!!!

  5. Adventures In Babywearing says

    I'm a bit behind, but this is so awesome!


  6. April~Living the Sweet Life says

    LOVE the cake you did for Stephanie's Xander.

  7. I just found you through twitter! I LOVE the blue cupcake … like really. that is what size all cupcakes should be! I am in Provo & I added you to the Utah Bloggers Rock on Beehive Blog! I look for to more posts!

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