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Because sometimes you just need a squishy thing on your head…

Mommy & Me Monday!

We have a lot of weekends where sometimes we just need to get away for awhile and our car always drives us downtown. Good places to eat, lots of places to walk, spiritual refreshment, and lots of free activities.

One of our favorites being the planetarium. On one recent trip to down town we stopped in again and this time as Miles crawled all over Mars and the moon, my mind was taken back to the same spot from earlier in the summer.

My how he’s changed. (even though the mom has stayed EXACTLY the same!)

(interesting side note. My hair is naturally curly but I don’t wear it curly very often. I go through little spurts where it is curly for a week or two but it’s easier to just straighten it. So these two pictures both being curly, and both being basically styled the same way are really interesting to me. That’s all… KTHXBYE)

Fresh Baked Cookies and a friend to share them with..

Everyday it is amazing to me, as a mother, how much I am enjoying the littlest things. At this stage of Miles’s life there are so many wonderful new things to be amazed about everyday. He has just become very clingy. Once I get home for the evening I can’t leave his sight until I close his bedroom door. Which doesn’t bother me at all. I miss him enough to oblige his every request. He was more than happy to help me make cookies while he had an evening snack. We sang and danced and talked as the cookies baked and right at that moment I realized : THIS is what fills me with joy. Cookies baking in the oven, my son enjoying real food. We are happy, we are healthy and most importantly, we have fresh baked cookies.

Although one thing does still bring me more joy that fresh baked cookies.

The love these two have developed for each other.

I don’t even get mad when Miles feeds his whole tray of Chex to the dog.

It makes him laugh and brings him joy.
That I will never take away from him.

{You Capture – Love Around You Home hosted by I Should Be Folding Laundry }

Mommy & Me Monday!

Awhile ago I made a commitment to get out from behind the camera more often. I wondered if Miles would even know that I was around for most of his childhood.

So here I am starting back up Mommy & Me Monday.

Getting out in front of the camera. No matter how I feel about the picture. Miles will never see the flaws I see and frankly, I need to stop seeing them too.

You Capture – Winter

Ready your pitchforks: I love winter

There I said it. I love the cold that chills you to your bones and catches your breath. I love having to pile blanket after blanket on top of the bed just to stay warm. I love waking up in the morning and not wanting to do anything put just stay curled up in the exact spot your in. I love jackets, and sweaters, and layer of clothes. I love how life giving winter is. For one season everything comes to a stand still and freezes. A season just frozen in time, but it gives way to such beautiful life right around the corner.

This year, this winter, hasn’t been easy for us. It has definitely held more downs than ups for our family. I was determined not to let this winter define us and our happiness. So with 2 hotel coupons in hand we took the short jaunt up to the resort town of Park City, UT for the most amazing vacation we’ve had since our honeymoon.

Everything was perfect. The hotel was amazing. The room was amazing. It opened up to this beautiful indoor atrium with tables and chairs, trees, green plants, and the oh so inviting warm pool. We spent the entire weekend just being. Being with each other and loving each other. It made us whole again.

Every time we looked around I couldn’t believe we were there. There is something so magical about Park City. Something that renews me. It’s always done that for me. Sitting in a restaurant and being able to see people skiing down the mountain in front of you is just so beautiful. In Park City I am always reminded of God’s tender mercies for us. Those little things He does to remind us how much He cares. They are all there. In that one place for me.

Nothing captures Winter better than US. Experiencing Winter. Living Winter.Loving Winter.

{ You Capture is hosted by I Should Be Folding Laundry}