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Mommy & Me Monday!

We have a lot of weekends where sometimes we just need to get away for awhile and our car always drives us downtown. Good places to eat, lots of places to walk, spiritual refreshment, and lots of free activities.

One of our favorites being the planetarium. On one recent trip to down town we stopped in again and this time as Miles crawled all over Mars and the moon, my mind was taken back to the same spot from earlier in the summer.

My how he’s changed. (even though the mom has stayed EXACTLY the same!)

(interesting side note. My hair is naturally curly but I don’t wear it curly very often. I go through little spurts where it is curly for a week or two but it’s easier to just straighten it. So these two pictures both being curly, and both being basically styled the same way are really interesting to me. That’s all… KTHXBYE)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    I am having serious deja vu . . .or however you spell it! Or, I'm losing my mind!!
    I feel like I've read this post before . . . and it wasn't today. Help me out, please!!!!

  2. The baby has grown but you look the same, beautiful!

  3. i love seeing pictures like this. it is so fun to see them grow this way!
    you're both adorable.

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