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You Capture – Winter

Ready your pitchforks: I love winter

There I said it. I love the cold that chills you to your bones and catches your breath. I love having to pile blanket after blanket on top of the bed just to stay warm. I love waking up in the morning and not wanting to do anything put just stay curled up in the exact spot your in. I love jackets, and sweaters, and layer of clothes. I love how life giving winter is. For one season everything comes to a stand still and freezes. A season just frozen in time, but it gives way to such beautiful life right around the corner.

This year, this winter, hasn’t been easy for us. It has definitely held more downs than ups for our family. I was determined not to let this winter define us and our happiness. So with 2 hotel coupons in hand we took the short jaunt up to the resort town of Park City, UT for the most amazing vacation we’ve had since our honeymoon.

Everything was perfect. The hotel was amazing. The room was amazing. It opened up to this beautiful indoor atrium with tables and chairs, trees, green plants, and the oh so inviting warm pool. We spent the entire weekend just being. Being with each other and loving each other. It made us whole again.

Every time we looked around I couldn’t believe we were there. There is something so magical about Park City. Something that renews me. It’s always done that for me. Sitting in a restaurant and being able to see people skiing down the mountain in front of you is just so beautiful. In Park City I am always reminded of God’s tender mercies for us. Those little things He does to remind us how much He cares. They are all there. In that one place for me.

Nothing captures Winter better than US. Experiencing Winter. Living Winter.Loving Winter.

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  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Excuse me ma'am, your baby stole a spoon.

  2. That is a great picture!!! Yes I used several exclamation points. Utah looks lovely. My hubby has always wanted to visit.

  3. "Being with eachother and loving eachother…It made us whole again." Wow! I love that. That's the gospel truth, gal.


    Just kidding. You all look so gorgeous and happy. I'm glad you had that vacation, so glad.

  5. WackyMummy says

    Very pretty. =)

  6. How sweet- you can see the relaxed calm in your eyes :)

  7. Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry says

    Very cute and when did your baby turn 25?

    I like winter, I just think it last waaaaay too long.

  8. Prairie Lady says

    What a sweet photo. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Adventures In Babywearing says

    Wow- what a fantastic photo!


  10. Love Winter?…Perhaps we should not be friends! ;)


  11. Not sure I can say I love winter, but I do love Park City!

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