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Here we go again

Remember that one time in :::Cough:: November when I was all.. “OMgee I weight 196.4 pounds and that is going to change TODAY”  Remember it??

Well. Yea. There was that.

So here we are, the end of January.  The scale this morning said 192.0 (Although, it has said 190.8 before, so there’s that too)

Gosh, I want to be better at this. I go to the gym at least 5 days a week. Once a week I work out with a trainer that kicks my butt SO HARD that my lungs burn and I wonder if it is really possible for your heart to explode. (He’s says it’s not)

I’m trying so hard.

BUT, I am ECSTATIC to announce that someone else has faith in me.  I’ll be unavailing a new weight loss partner SO SOON! So soon I can almost taste it. I just hope it tastes good! :)

I can do this.

(have I said that before?? I think I have, but DANG IT! I mean it this time!)