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Bacon cheeseburger with a side of cheese enchiladas…

I’m a talker.
If you come within listening distance of me, there is a good chance you will know more than you ever wanted to know about my life in a VERY short time.
BUT.. I’m also a complainer.

I learned a few years ago that if I don’t tell people what’s going on, it doesn’t give me an outlet to complain and thus, makes me deal with the situation better.

I didn’t tell ANYONE I was pregnant with Miles until almost 20 weeks. I didn’t tell anyone about my divorce for almost 4 months. And this time I haven’t told many people about my journey to reclaim my body before I start on my 2nd surrogacy journey.

Because doesn’t it always kinda suck to lose weight? And get healthier?? I know I’d WAY rather be a couch potato and eat whatever I want. (Today that would be a big huge bacon cheeseburger with a side of cheese enchiladas.)

I’m a month and a week into this journey. I HAVE TO get healthier before getting pregnant again (in 2 short months). I HAVE TO stay healthier this next pregnancy.

So it’s been 15 weeks since the day I got home from the hospital. I am officially down 28 pounds. (But down 15 in the month I have been ACTIVELY trying to get healthier.

I feel amazing. 15 pounds isn’t that much. But it’s made a huge difference to me. I put on a pair of jeans 4 digits smaller. Just returned 5 new shirts I bought so I could get a smaller size.

I have about 2 full months left before we are on to Surrogacy round 2! Nothing like losing a bunch of weight just to get pregnant again!
So now that you know.. don’t let me complain! :)


  1. Before I started reading I was thinking about how great you look! You’re sneaky! Keep up the good work, Ryley!!

  2. I loved meeting you this past weekend at EVO. You are so sweet. What a great thing you can do for these families. xo

  3. You look amazing! Great work!

  4. I just swung in to see how things are going and saw this. You should talk to my sister- she did ViSalus after her first pregnancy and through her second. She’s lost all the baby weight faster and with the second pregnancy her nurses stopped and asked her what she was doing different because she was much healthier as well. I don’ t know much about pregnancy, obviously :) but she’s had two and swears by ViSalus. But either way, you look awesome, really. Keep it up, chica!!

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