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Oh Minnesota..

PHEW.. we survived. There we definitly more than a few moments in our 6 days in the midwest that I wondered what in the WORLD I was thinking traveling 1300 miles across the country with a 2 year old with no help. Solo parenting had a few rough moments.

And other than the SWELTERING heat index of 117 degrees (Thank you, Minnesota for making us prisoners to air conditioning), it was a wonderful break from everyday life filled with even better company of great friends.

My nerves were as high as they could possibly get as we entered the airport. Ready or not, we were there and I was about to take a 2 hour plane ride alone with my toddler who was SERIOUS about not riding on an airplane big in the sky.

So… I just didnt tell him where we were going. We walked down the jetway and he walked with tripdation down the isle of the plane to our seats. Until he saw all the other planes out the window and FINALLY got excited about going on a plane.

He sat nervously… But the “DD” player was going and snacks we close by..

It didnt take him long to get comfy and kick back with his feet up on his tray. He loved every second. No sound, or bump or anything made him nervous. He watched all the clouds go by and even the cars on the road as we prepared to land..

Minnesota took my breath away. I have never really been in any sort of humidity, and Minnesota didn’t mess around with it’s level of humidity. I wasn’t prepared, and probably complained a little more than was necessary.


Miles took advantage and spent a little more time than normal “nakey”… (he also spent WAY more than the normal amount of times watching movies in our room because he couldn’t figure out how to play nicely.. ahem..)

I knew that NO trip to MN would be complete without a trip to the Mall of America. We honestly saw one hallway of stores and half of the amusement park. Miles and I rode on a couple rides, but it was quickly approaching the little’s bedtimes.

That was probably the only regret I have. Not being able to spend more time there. I was secretly hoping our flight home would be oversold and we could spend the evening playing there. I would have loved to visit the museum and look around a little more. It was definitely a cool place! And ample (free) air conditioning!

We attempted a firetruck museum in Minneapolis. I say attempted because this train table was one of the first things in the door, and we lost Miles to it almost the entire time. But considering our goal was just to get out of the house.. we accomplished it!

We attended one of the BEST birthday parties we have ever been too. Miles had an absolute blast. I had a great time talking to mom’s with silly accents. And Miles had an opportunity to boss someone other than OBoy around for a few hours. Win Win all around.

We spent lots of time just relaxing. Anyone with kids knows that sleep and vacation dont mix well. Naps were short, if at all and night we’re late and mornings were early. But we made the best of our tired time and cuddled in bed.

We had an absolute blast at the Children’s Museum. Playing for 5 or 6 hours. That, coincidentally was also the best night of sleep he had.


We ate good food, spent time as a family and enjoyed each other so much.  Just when I thought we maybe planned too long of a trip the rest of the time went zooming by and I wasn’t ready to leave..

We are so grateful for the amazing friends we have in the O’s .. and for everything they did for us while we were there.

The best part of the 6 days?????

THIS.. was my view from the time we sat down on the airplane (before we even took off) till 5 minutes before we landed in Salt Lake.
Miles slept the ENTIRE flight. It was glorious, and lonely, and glorious.


  1. I’m exhausted just reading your post! So glad you two had fun!

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