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Always remind me..

(picture taken by the beautiful and talented Mrs. O, herself!)

On my parents last trip to California, they brought back a few wooden word signs that my sister bought us.

They’re cute and displayed right by the front door.

But one says “I love being a mom, but please remind me”

Most days I walk past that sign and chuckle. Some days that sign is enough to collapse me.

Today was one of those days.

Today was one of those days where it felt like some of the very first days.

I’m not going to lie, I am STILL dealing with PPD 2 years later. I’m still not over it.

I STILL have thoughts I shouldn’t have. I praise the Lord that I know the difference between those thoughts and actions, but when I tell Aaron I just can’t do it anymore, I need him to jump in quickly.

Days like this, that sign brings me to my knees. Who needs to be reminded that they love being a parent?? Obviously, me.

So please don’t ever stop reminding me.


  1. I think we all need this reminder nearly every day.

  2. I doubt there's a parent out there that doesn't need that reminder with great regularity. I love this, I chose it, but it's HARD.

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