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BABY TIME!!!!!!!!!

My water broke at 6 o’clock this morning!! I was pretty excited to get one more good night of sleep…

We stayed in bed until about 8..

Got up.. showered got ready.. and Aaron is dropping the dog off at his parents house right now!

I’m just finishing getting stuff together..

The contractions are like every 2-5 minutes but really short.. only about 20-30 seconds and not too painful. I can talk and walk through them.

Everyone send good thoughts for a fast labor!!! :)


Pretty much everyone has left work. But he rules are that one person has to stay in every department.. so I volunteered myself..

So I sit here.. staring out the window at this…. It may not look that bad… but it is.. This storm dumped on us pretty quickly and I hear all the roads are a mess… Not looking forward to driving home…. Especially since we brought the car.. and not the suv today…. oh well…

Someone at work gave me this little reindeer tag on a little Christmas present and I’ve been looking at it all day thinking about how much it looks like Puppy.. (You know.. if he had a red inflamed nose… was brown.. and had antlers!) And it’s really making me miss him…. And then I wonder if I’ll miss “Little Guy” as much as I miss puppy during the day….

Probably not… but shhh.. don’t tell him that! :)


Do I even need words????? That’s him… ^ … still there!! (and yea… My stomach was that lopsided! He does that.. A LOT!)
I took it easy last night and decided to stop worrying about when he’s coming.. because really.. I don’t care anymore. It’ll be his own fault if he’s born on Christmas! I was having this overwhelming urge to cook everything in the house last night.
The books say that sometimes your nesting instinct goes into overdrive right before labor.. maybe my nesting instinct manifests itself in cooking!!
Luckily.. I didn’t cook EVERYTHING.. but I thought about it.
Then.. I went to bed! And it was nice.. I didn’t make myself spend an hour sitting on my birth ball.. and didn’t make myself walk.. just went to bed! I think that’s probably the way my next few nights will go.. I don’t really care anymore..
He’ll come out sometime before he goes to college.. .right?????

I’m sick of posting about the same things everyday.. so I thought I’d include pictures today..

This is our little tripod… He drives us insane with his tripod’ing…

When ever he is just hanging out.. or needs something.. or basically whenever.. he hold up his ..ummm.. left foot. ALWAYS!! and it annoys the crap out of us.. because it’s normally accompanied by shaking… whether he’s cold or not..

He’s probably called Tripod more than any other name lately..

The other day we even caught him tripoding with the wrong leg!! His right leg was up… we called him on it.. and he changed it! :) it was pretty funny…

This is his hang out. His rug in the kitchen. Where he spends his time when we are in the kitchen.. just doing his little tripod thing…

Every time I picked up the camera this morning.. he put his leg down… Did I mention he drives us nuts?? :)

On a side note… He got to sleep in the bed last night..

I have no idea why.. but he spent the night completely covered up in a little cocoon with Aaron cuddled around him. I wish I could have taken a picture of the two of them.. it was a little over the top! but puppy really loved it! :)


Still here..

Still at work..

The only thing worse than being pregnant still.. is being at work!!!! It makes it a million times worse…..

I’m also slightly emotional today..and unfortunately Aaron’s getting the brunt of it… oh well.. at least he understands..

So ..yea.. still here…………. and soooooooooooo done..

On a side note, it’s snowing like CRAZY this morning.. I’m a firm believer in “things happen at the worst time” so I’m hoping this time it will be enough to push me over the edge…

He’s just too comfortable…

I think I have it figured out….. today.. it’s like 18 degree’s outside.. Saturday the high is supposed to be like 12 degrees….
I think he’s just to warm and cozy and doesn’t want to come out….
The dog is right there with him and probably wishes he could be warm and cozy somewhere too..
Um.. and this one is just for fun… Our new camera has this smile setting where it doesn’t take the picture until you smile. You set it on that setting and push the shutter button and it sits there until the person smiles before it takes the picture! You can even tell it to set the priority to children’s smiles or adult smiles… And choose how big you want the smiles! It’s kinda fun…
We love to play with it… I’ll just point the camera at Aaron and he’ll frown for a couple seconds then break into a big smile and the camera will take the picture.. We do this a lot.. We are bored a lot! :) And I just thought this picture was really cute… and well.. anything to keep my mind off of this parasite still mooching off of me!! :)

My mom has been set on the 18th for awhile now… so here’s hoping I go into labor tonight!! :)