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He’s just too comfortable…

I think I have it figured out….. today.. it’s like 18 degree’s outside.. Saturday the high is supposed to be like 12 degrees….
I think he’s just to warm and cozy and doesn’t want to come out….
The dog is right there with him and probably wishes he could be warm and cozy somewhere too..
Um.. and this one is just for fun… Our new camera has this smile setting where it doesn’t take the picture until you smile. You set it on that setting and push the shutter button and it sits there until the person smiles before it takes the picture! You can even tell it to set the priority to children’s smiles or adult smiles… And choose how big you want the smiles! It’s kinda fun…
We love to play with it… I’ll just point the camera at Aaron and he’ll frown for a couple seconds then break into a big smile and the camera will take the picture.. We do this a lot.. We are bored a lot! :) And I just thought this picture was really cute… and well.. anything to keep my mind off of this parasite still mooching off of me!! :)

My mom has been set on the 18th for awhile now… so here’s hoping I go into labor tonight!! :)


  1. I’m glad you keep updating, because I keep coming to the computer to see if there is any news. Just remember he can’t stay in there forever!!

  2. I think he would beg to differ!! :)

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