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Pretty much everyone has left work. But he rules are that one person has to stay in every department.. so I volunteered myself..

So I sit here.. staring out the window at this…. It may not look that bad… but it is.. This storm dumped on us pretty quickly and I hear all the roads are a mess… Not looking forward to driving home…. Especially since we brought the car.. and not the suv today…. oh well…

Someone at work gave me this little reindeer tag on a little Christmas present and I’ve been looking at it all day thinking about how much it looks like Puppy.. (You know.. if he had a red inflamed nose… was brown.. and had antlers!) And it’s really making me miss him…. And then I wonder if I’ll miss “Little Guy” as much as I miss puppy during the day….

Probably not… but shhh.. don’t tell him that! :)

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