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The CAKE!!!

Here it is!!!!!!! Cute huh????
And here are the new Mr & Mrs Smith… Aren’t they cute????

The wedding was AMAZING! It was the first time we had ever been to a sealing (Well other than our own..) And seriously.. I don’t remember anything of that day.. it was such a blur. It was so neat to see it from a different perspective. We sat on the side where Michelle was facing us, I loved watching her and remembering the feelings going through my mind. Those two are so much in love. They are so perfect for each other and I couldn’t be more happy for them!

If you want to see more about the cake.. pop on over to http://www.thatsmycake.net/ I wrote a whole post about it.

We even snuck in a few pics at the temple..
And at the reception too.. But be warned.. this had been a VERY long day.. and this was at the very end..

Since we had to be at the Temple a little after 11am we were excited to sleep in (since I was up a little late finishing the cake)

Turns out we both had meeting we had to go to at work in the morning. His was at 9 and mine was at 10. So we got to sleep in about an hour then go to work all dressed up.

We both finished our meetings a little early and headed downtown. It was nice not to have to rush. Although Aaron may have been annoyed by me singing “I love to see the temple” all the way there! But I just learned all the words, so its still new to me!

We attended the sealing then took some pictures. Aaron played with the kids around the reflecting pond and then we went and had some lunch. We went to the Red Iguana downtown..and it was AMAZING! It’s been awhile since we’ve been out to eat. So it was really nice.

We headed home to finish the cake then went up to the reception site. We helped set up, went home to change and then went back when it started.

It was a great day.. I couldn’t have imagined anything better…

oh and p.s. I TOTALLY loved my photographer for my wedding. Check her out..


but Michelle’s photographer was SOOOO Awesome!!!!! I really liked her too, and I believe she is priced a lot better! And just as good.. so go check her out..

http://photographybydmc.blogspot.com/ & http://photographybydmc.com/

She was so great and so personable.

I wish we could go to a wedding every week! Maybe if I start making more cakes I can!



    I LOVE THAT CAKE! I am decorating the baby room in brown and blue polka dots…too bad I couldn’t have that cake at my shower!!!

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