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The Wedding Bloopers…

It’s funny.

I really haven’t thought about my wedding day much in the past few months. I already feel like we’ve been married FOREVER (but in the good way.) It just seems so natural. I don’t remember what things we like before we were married. My sister has always talked about doing a Wedding Blooper post, we have a lot of bloopers! She never did, so now I’m going too!

Lets start with the good…

Other than the header picture.. this is my other favorite..

But I really really like this one two.. I just feel like it really captures us! :)

I do this silly little dance thing all the time to embarrass Aaron, So in the middle of the temple grounds I started my little dance he was running over to stop me but it looks like he’s dancing too! If he’d let me, I’d put this picture in our house! I love it!!!!

On to the real bloopers…
I love this one.. he looks like he’s going to hurl.. And I love how lady like C.C. sits.

Here’s C.C’s older brother again with Ashley.. I wonder what they were talking about..

There are quite a few of these disgusted looks by C.C…

I’m assuming her feet hurt here.. because she would be “Totally fine” wearing heals for hours and hours…

She is not a big fan of hugs from boys.. but she is learning to accept hugs from her Uncle Aaron!

I really like this one! We had literally been married for less than a hour.. Every time the photographer had us sit down to take a picture she would have to tell Aaron to sit up straight. So the second we sat down, I quietly reminded him to sit up straight. He told me to stop telling him that.. so really loudly I yelled at him and told him if he would just sit up straight we wouldn’t have to keep saying it. I’m glad he’s smiling and didn’t change his mind right then!!! I think I was a little stressed! :)

This is us trying to get the little kids on our laps to take a cute picture.. Luckily it turned out really cute! But it was looking pretty scary!

Did I mention how WINDY it was that day???? People were on duty to catch my veil..

This is one of my photographers favorite pictures.. she wanted to do this so bad! If you can’t tell, I’m trying to make my veil as long as my sister’s hair..

I feel like I look 85 in this picture. I was sooooo dying of thirst. When we made it over to the area where the Lion House Pantry is a very nice lady came out and brought us cookies. My photographer (have I mentioned how much I love her???) Asked her to bring me some water.. It was the best water I’ve ever had!! :)

I wish I knew what was going on here.. I like to make a fish face.. again to annoy Aaron (Kinda like my dancing..) It looks like I might be pulling a fish face.. But I’m thinking I was just trying to get my veil off my face!

This is the only real blooper from the reception.. (Sorry Ry…but its not flattering of either of us, so I took one for the team too!) What were we laughing about anyway????

Well.. I hope you enjoyed the comical journey through our wedding!! The self portrait tour of our Honeymoon is next!!! I bet you just can’t wait!!!!!


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    I’m really tired right now, so I’ll write a real comment now, I mean later . . see??!! Anyway, how nice of you to capture the beginning of the tangled hair from you know where in the last picture!! I seriously almost chooped it that night!! Good Night!

  2. Thank you for being a good daughter and not including any compromising photos of your dear old Dad.

  3. Blackeyedsue says

    You are a gorgeous bride! I love the ones where your veil is almost straight up! Thanks for sharing. It looked like a beautiful day!

  4. Ry..
    I’m glad you didn’t chop your hair off.. good thing you had reinforcements that night..

    You’re welcome! Even though we did find one! And its a doosey!!

    Thank you soo much!! It was a really nice day considering it was the middle of September. but BOY was it windy!! it was insane.. but sooo much fun..

  5. Your dress was gorgeous! I love the pictures.

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