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Wordless Wednesday – Holy Crap My Baby Has Teeth!!!!

(1 day before he turned 7 months old his bottom left tooth appeared. A few days later the right tooth appeared. Boy are they sharp!!! Thankfully he hasn’t bitten me yet………..)


  1. Mixed Up Me says:

    Miss you baby!!! Auntie loves you!! (I'm leaning my forehead to yours . . . )

  2. :(

    That just made me really sad…

    He's leaning right back you you…

  3. Mixed Up Me says:

    You think you're sad??

  4. TEACHBROECK says:

    He looks so cute from his teeth anyway I can't wait to read all the posts I missed!

  5. The Baugh Family says:

    Wow two teeth! Watch out Mama for the boobie biting.

  6. Look at those teeth!! Abbi still doesn't have any, but I just learned that Josh didn't get any until almost 1 year. So I may have awhile still!

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