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Wordless Wednesday – Holy Crap My Baby Has Teeth!!!!

(1 day before he turned 7 months old his bottom left tooth appeared. A few days later the right tooth appeared. Boy are they sharp!!! Thankfully he hasn’t bitten me yet………..)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Miss you baby!!! Auntie loves you!! (I'm leaning my forehead to yours . . . )

  2. :(

    That just made me really sad…

    He's leaning right back you you…

  3. Mixed Up Me says

    You think you're sad??


    He looks so cute from his teeth anyway I can't wait to read all the posts I missed!

  5. The Baugh Family says

    Wow two teeth! Watch out Mama for the boobie biting.

  6. Look at those teeth!! Abbi still doesn't have any, but I just learned that Josh didn't get any until almost 1 year. So I may have awhile still!

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