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2 month letter

Dear Miles,
Today you are 2 months old.

61 days have past since you came into our lives. But we’ve loved you for almost a year now.
Everyone always tells us how quickly time will pass, while I was pregnant they warned me it would be over before I knew it and they were right. Once you got here they reminded me to soak all of you in since you would be grown before I knew it.

My mind often flashes back to the very first time I saw you. When the doctor held you up for all of us to see. Your chubby face was all I saw as I said, “Oh, he’s not huge.” That moment seems like yesterday.
The past two month have not been easy on us. To be honest, I’ve had the hardest time adjusting to parenthood. For some reason it is just taking long to click with me. You sure didn’t make the first few weeks very easy for us!
5 days after you were born, we went to dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Eaton’s house for Christmas Eve. Of course, you weren’t having any of it and screamed almost the whole time. Dad and I were at our wits end and both started crying right at the dinner table. We didn’t know what to do to help you anymore and were both so tired. That evening we were all blessed to receive blessings of strength, peace and health from your Grandpa and Great Grandpa. I will never forget holding you in my arms as 3 generations of worthy priesthood holders surrounded us and blessed you. Even though things didn’t immediately get better from that point, it really helped me to remember what is important and how lucky we are to be in the family we are. We were told over and over again that things would get better, around 6 to 8 weeks you would begin to figure life out and things would get better.
6 to 8 weeks seemed like an eternity away at that point. That advise only made me more worried. How were we going to do this for another 6-8 weeks?
Guess what??? 8 weeks is here, and we did it. !)

And do you know what else? They were right.
You did figure “it” out. This month has been my favorite month so far.
Even though I only have 1 other month to compare it too! I have a feeling they’ll keep getting better and better.
Your second month started off on Brayden’s 4th birthday. 2 days later you made one of your many trips to the doctors. You were finally put on an acid medicine to help with reflux. You were also diagnosed with eczema on your face, (to go along with your HORRIBLE baby acne), you had the begging’s of cradle cap and a herniated belly button. By the end of the month the acid medicine has really been helping you. Your face is almost completely cleared up, although it’s still pretty dry. And your belly button may be on it’s way to healing. Good thing too, it’s pretty gross! Daddy likes to push it back in and listen to the noise it makes when it pops back out.
You’ve discovered your tongue and it’s so much fun to watch you stick it out and play with it. It seems like it’s always hanging out of your mouth.
And the talking.. Oh boy the talking. This is by far my favorite part. I love to hear you babble away. I can’t wait until you do it more.
We’ve learned a few tricks this month. The first being the front carrier. When you just get too grumpy to handle, either daddy or I put you in the carrier on our chest and face you out. You are still pretty little for it so your face only come up about half way.. This works great for holding in your binky. A little bouncing and rocking and you are fast asleep before we know it!
You are also really like to hear the dryer running, Dad always jokes that we are going to need a new dryer in a few months since it’s always running. You also really like to hear water running. And your bouncy chair. You sit there most of time and seem to like it.

You’ve made a new best friend this month. We call him Mr. Fan. You can’t get enough of your ceiling fan. You will lay on the floor or your bed for and hour or more and just laugh and smile and talk to the spinning fan.

It melts my heart to see how much you love that fan. Whenever we take you into another room you immediately look up to see if Mr. Fan wants to play. Sometimes in Daddy’s office you catch a glimpse of his fan and get a really big pouty lip when it isn’t spinning. We make a bee line to the switch to hurry and get it turned on before you cry.
You and daddy also watch a lot of cartoons during the morning.

Mickey Mouse clubhouse is one of your favorite. Especially the hot dog song. Daddy sings you the hot dog song when he changes your diaper and it always gets you smiling and laughing. You have grown and changed so much this month. We love getting to know your personality and can’t wait to see it more.

You were also blessed at church this month. It was such a great opportunity to see all of the family and for everyone to finally meet you.
Your blessing from Daddy was so special. I hope you will be blessed with everything he promised.

We can’t wait for Uncle Jonny to come home. He’ll need to take you swimming as soon as he can. You sure love the water and taking a bath. You love to have the water pouring all over your tummy and playing with it with your hands. I don’t think your feet ever stop kicking when you are in the water. You only cry when we take you out.
This month you also found your fingers and your hand.
You’ve been sucking on your hand from day one, but you always had a hard time getting your arm to understand that you wanted your hand to stay in your mouth. I think your arm finally gets it! You are doing so much better at finding your hand and you prefer your own finger to a pacifier any day.
Your sleeping habits have also GREATLY improved.

We try all sorts of tricks are night. Right now you sleep with the humidifier going, a bear that makes heartbeat sounds and most recently the radio. We don’t know which one of these things is doing the trick, so we just keep them all going. Daddy gets up with you at night. He changes your diaper, feeds you then gets you back to sleep. I don’t know what I’d do without him. You were waking up every 2-3 hours, and now your record for sleep is 7 straight hours. Daddy is so thankful for those long stretches of sleep (even though he still grumples a little when he gets out of bed.)
Speaking of bed, you moved to your crib this month. What a big step for such a litte guy. I know you are really young to be sleeping be yourself but you are so loud at night. You make so many noises. When Ryan came out for your blessing we decided it was a good time for you to start sleeping in your crib.

You did so well. And I think you are really happy there. We all sleep a little better at night. But we still miss you a lot.
You celebrated your first Valentines day this month. Grandma and Ryan sent you soo many things. Your Valentines day shirt was really cute.

You sure are Mommy’s little man. You also got a bunch of new cute clothes, some books, and toys. You got some wrist rattles that you haven’t quite figures out and some car seat toys. Ryan even sent Riddick a Valentines monkey. He hasn’t stopped playing with it yet. That morning we went to breakfast, but you slept through it.
There was a family there with a little boy who was probably about 7 or 8 months old. He was sitting in a highchair by us and eating french toast with everyone else. Daddy mentioned that he cant wait till you are that old and can sit with us and eat with us. I know it will come sooner than we want, but I can’t wait either!
We went to costco (romantic, right?) and then spent the rest of the day at home. After you went to bed Dad and I had dinner and then went to bed too. Even though we didn’t do anything too special, I couldn’t have been with 2 better guys. (Well 3 with puppy.)

We love you so much. Thank you for loving us back. We can’t wait to see what the next month holds in store for us and to see how much you grow and change.
Keep growing strong and healthy…
Love you so much little man..
Mommy and Daddy