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DIY Canvas Pictures!

My  house. It lacks decorations. In a MAJOR way. So much so that I left up a few Christmas items just so there was something.

I’ve been dying to get our last family pictures (of our new family) up somewhere. I dreamed of canvas prints hung above my couch and adorning the wall above my headboard.

I pinched my pennies and prepared to make the ..gulp.. leap into buying canvas prints. (Have you SEEN the price for those things?)

But then, Pinterest wandered into my life.

There were tutorials GALORE of how to make your on canvas prints. I knew it wouldn’t be the same thing as a stretched canvas picture, but the cost savings was enough to convince me that those things didn’t really matter anymore.

A friend of mine suggested ordering prints in ‘linen’ texture and it was such a fantastic idea. I LOVE the extra texture on them. To be honest, I didn’t research prices as much as I should have. Nations Lab had a sale going on and I just BOUGHT! The quality (and shipping) was FANTASTIC!

I had the perfect day when it was stormy and SNOWY outside and Miles was at his dad’s so I dug in!

I chose 2 – 12×12’, 2 – 16×20’s and 1 big 24×30

First I had to trim just a littttle bit of the edges of all of the pictures, so they would fit just on the front of all of the canvases.

I painted all of the edges, a little bit of the back and a little bit on the front with a black gloss acrylic paint. Then waited for it to dry. (waiting is the WORST part!)ry.

When it was dry I painted a layer of Mod Podge onto the canvas, making sure to get all the way to the edges. I also painted the back of the prints. (I tried to skip putting the Mod Podge on the back, it doesn’t work. You HAVE to do that part)

I let them dry just a little (until tacky) then put the print on the front of the canvas.  Making sure to rub all the bubbles out. I would put the print on, then flip the canvas over so it was flat on the table and rub all the bubbles out that way. Repeat with all of the pictures and canvases.

I then painted a layer of Mod Podge over all the canvases and the edges.

This part is always so scary. When your beautiful picture is all milky, you start to panic. Don’t worry, it’ll dry perfectly clear. I made sure to keep all my brush strokes in the same direction.  At this point I wondered if the extra price for the linen texture was worth it.

While I very UNpatiently waited for them to dry and clear up.

After they were dry I used a circle sponge brush to put a little black glossy paint on the edges just to tie it all in.

What do you think???

Cost: (if I were to buy the canvas prints and not make them)
I compiled the LEAST expensive canvas prints from various websites. (this DOES NOT include shipping..)

12×12 $31.99 x 2 = $63.98
16×20 $44.99 x2= $89.98
24×30 72.99
TOTAL (i didnt spend..): $226.95

Cost to make all the canvases:
All Canvases: (purchased at Hobby Lobby on sale or with 40% off coupon) $30.99
Prints: (purchased 40% off at Nations Lab in LINEN texture) $52.88
Supplies: Mod Podge: $4.99, black paint $2.99, sponge brush set $2.99
MY TOTAL: $94.84

Now, $100 is still a helfy bit of change, but my canvases are BIG. If you were to stick with all 16×20’s your price would be less than half. I found a 2 pack of 16×20’s at Hobby Lobby for $7.99 on sale. The prints (even in linen texture) were $8.92 each. That would mean a 16×20 canvas would cost $13.00 to make. ($44.99 to buy!) SO AFFORDABLE!

**I swear I get NOTHING from Nations Lab but their sale is extended to the end of February. Go buy your prints now!!! I’m going to go buy more. They were fantastic quality and fast shipping!*