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27 weeks!

How far along? 27 weeks. Officially the 3rd Trimester!!!

Maternity clothes? After some very nice poking an prodding a friend convinced me to try the Motherhood full panel maternity jeans. (I didn’t wear a SINGLE pair of maternity pants last pregnancy.) While I enjoy not having to constantly pull up real waist band jeans, the panel top does bug me a little. But overall, I’m pretty happy with their fit and glad I got them!
Other than that, my wardrobe consist 100% of Old Navy Maternity tops. I just love them SO much. ESPECIALLY the stripes.

Weight Gain? According to my scale I am up 6 lbs from my first doctors appt.

Stretch Marks? Baby Chuck likes to keep his head right under my belly button which has lead to some kind blueish areas around my belly button, but other than that, Miles already made enough to share with this baby!

Sleep? I am sleeping SO well. Probably better than I should. I have some restless times. I wake up a few times a night but I have NEVER yet woken up in the middle of the night because I had to pee. Weird right??? I remember waking up 3 times by this point last time.

I am SOOO thankful for the good sleep. Baby Chuck has his hour before I fall asleep that he gets all comfy and cozy and moves around, then sometimes around 7am I feel him moving just a little bit, but he’ll let me sleep till after 10am (if Miles does!)

Movement? Baby Chuck has been such a calm baby. Even know at 27 weeks when he has his “wild” moments they are FAR less wild than I remember in the past. He HATES tight clothing around my stomach (so do I), and often wakes up for a bit when I get in bed but quickly calms down. I have a routine of waking up in the morning then catching up on my phone and waiting for him to wake up. I say good morning, tell him is mommy and daddy love him and then start my day.

Gender? Hopefully he’s still a boy!

What I Miss? Hmmm.. I kinda love my new clothes and my pregnancy pillows, and being able to eat anything I want. I don’t know if there is too much I miss right now. I get a little winded when I walk up stairs but other than that, it’s been easy peasy.

Symptoms? My heartburn is finally under control. I haven’t had a killer headache in a while. And I don’t feel nauseous at all anymore. Other than the occasional Braxton Hicks I’m feeling pretty good.

Food cravings? Oh goodness, this one could go on and on and on! Lately I have been on a sandwich kick. Any kind of sandwich but specifically this DELICIOUS cheesesteak from a local place. Mexican food is ALWAYS #1 in my book. And I’ve started eating cereal like it’s going out of style.

Food aversion? Thankfully these have calmed down a TON! For the longest time I couldn’t stand monochromatic food. If there was no color on a plate I couldn’t even look at it without gagging.

Labor signs? Thank goodness, nothing yet.

Belly button in or out?  It never popped out last time, so I’m not expecting it to this time.

What I’m Looking Forward to? Getting a nice round belly. It’s still not very big, but he sure is.

Weekly Wisdom?  Eat smaller portions. Gosh I don’t know why I cant get the hang of this concept. I think I’m STARVING so I eat a ton of food then I am sooo full the rest of the day.

Milestones? I’ve been able to actually watch him move in my tummy lately. Every time I get camera out he STOPS! Hopefully I’ll be able to record it soon to send to his parents.


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