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26 weeks…

26 weeks.

I can’t believe we’re here.

I’ve been feeling like this is almost over for probably 10 weeks now. But now it really feels almost over.

This has been the most amazing journey.

(I am already DYING to do this again..)

I have been SO blessed by the family I am working with. They have been so amazing. (I’m already worried about how the next family is going to stack up to them. (but not really.))

I call him Chuck.  (it won’t be his real name, but I don’t talk real names here for the family..)

He has been a JOY to share these 26 weeks with.

I had my moments of INTOLERABLE morning sickness, EXCRUSITATING heartburn, & KILLER headaches.

But it’s all been SO amazing.

Baby Chuck is growing fantastically. He’s a wiggly little worm who prefers to be head up.

He sleeps at convenient times and he’s awake at (mostly) convenient times.

My tummy is still TINY. I’ve gained 3.8 lbs (if we don’t talk about how much weight I gained with the fertility meds before becoming pregnant.) But there is no getting around the fact that even though it doesn’t look like it, there is still a 1 and a half pound 26 week baby boy in my tummy. Things (like bending) aren’t as easy as they used to be.


You guys? I wish there was a way to effectively tell you how AMAZING this whole thing has been. I feel like a “surrogacy pusher.” I want EVERYONE to do it. I want EVERYONE to experience this. (I’ve even gotten to the point where I’ve considered printing business cards with information about my agency to pass out to people who ask questions..) I don’t even know what to compare it to. It’s just… amazing.

I wish I could break of little pieces of the joy it brings me and give it to others so they can experience it..

I feel so lucky this family chose me, and this baby chose to me too!


  1. This is truly so awesome. I love sharing this journey with you! What a wonderful adventure!

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