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And the winner is..

What’s that they say about the best laid plans??

Because I had a good one. I had the best way to draw the winner for the Intermountain Moms contest but, as it so often does, life/schedules/naps/pregnancy/frosting got in the way.

I simply couldn’t wait any longer, I wanted to know how would be SO lucky to win this Babinski’s Baby gift card right in time for Christmas!

So, trusty ol’ Random.org came to the rescue..

Without further adu… Random will choose a number between 1 and 50 (I’m really doing it RIGHT NOW!)
And.. the winner is…

Comment #4..
(side note.. I try not to be one of the 1st few to enter a contest because I was SURE random.org NEVER picked from the top of the list… maybe I’ll change me comment entering ways..)

Now my favorite part of going to check and  see who lucky number 4 is,..


Jill K of (well..) www.Jill-K.com

Congratulations Jill!!!!

Thank you everyone for “liking” Intermountain Moms on Facebook, I hope you are enjoying that page and Nurse Dani! :


  1. I am OH so jealous but SO glad Jill one! :)

  2. Bummer I was so hoping to win this one! I have been checking daily to see if you picked a winner. Lucky number 4 Jill! Congrats!

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