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We’re off to see the O’s..

In less than 12 hours I leave on my babymoon.

Babymoon takes on a whole new meaning during the journey.

3 years ago (funny, it was almost EXACTLY 3 years ago) my husband and I took a babymoon before the arrival of Miles. It was one of the best decision we ever made. It was so nice to be away (even if it was less than an hour away from home), it was nice to not worry about things and have someone else clean.

This time, I wont need a break before the baby arrives. My “me time” actually STARTS when the baby is born. So I decided to take a babymoon before the pregnancy.

Part of my contract contains a few sections that limit travel during the pregnancy, so I have exactly 12 days before I become pregnant.

It just so happens to be a very special little boys birthday very soon..

And if you remember last year around this time we “fell in love” with our soul couple..

SO much has happened in that year. SO much that I am stumble over my words when people ask me how long I’ve know Allison. Because hasn’t it be F.O.R.E.V.E.R?? (In a good way, of course.)

So.. there was this savings account with money being saved for a vacation, and no vacation in sight.

And here we are. Less than 12 hours before my vacation. Less than 12 hours until I get to hug my Allison. Less than 12 hours until the boys get to play trains together. (because we packed a WHOLE LOTTA TRAINS!)

I will be FLYING SOLO with my 2.5 year old son. Lest you forget, I am TERRIFIED of flying. Terrified of everything having to do with being in a plane. Yet, I am flying alone with my toddler 2 and a half hours away.

Not to mention because of Miles food allergies I basically had to pack as much food as a grocery store carries, and because of my med schedule I had to basically pack as much medicine as a pharmacy carries. We’re going to be a sight to be seen in the security line. God Bless the poor person that ends up behind us.

But uh.. I kinda made them hike STRAIGHT UP A MOUNTAIN in flip flops.. So, I totally got this. Right??

I can not wait for the next 6 days.. Frankly, I dont care if we ever even change out of our pajamas.

I brought 2 boxes of pop tarts. So we never even have to leave the couch..

Let’s do this!

{Me and Allison – June 2010}


  1. Have SO much fun!!!

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