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Our Perfect Little Embies..

Here they are!!!

Out of 6 eggs, 5 eggs fertilized into Embryos.

“A” was the best of embies. It was 6 celled. “B” and “C” were both 4 celled.

The other two below them had begun to “fragment,” as the doctor put it. This doesnt mean they wont develop. There is just a lower chance.

The doctor gave my IP’s a choice. Implant A, B & C and let the other 2 grow for 2 more days and see if they survive. If they look ok, they could freeze them for a sibling in the future.


Implant all 5 and see what happens.

Some of you may gasp at the thought of all 5, but I have always been the type of girl that puts 100% faith in the doctor (if he’s good, and this guy is GOOD!)

After discussing it, my IP’s decided to just implant the 3 better looking embies and let the other two do their thing for a few days.


Apparently this is on of the best ultrasound pictures most of the nurses had ever seen. They were all commenting to us about how perfect it is.

On the screen you could see the three little dots a little clearer. It is AMAZING to see them sitting there, getting comfy.

I am feeling calm and collected. I am not nervous, or doubtful. I KNOW I’m pregnant. I KNOW these little guys are going to nestle right in and get to work. I just cant WAIT to see how many stick around.

I wonder what kind of food they like?? Maybe I should go have something they’ll like so they decide to hang around with me for another 9 and a half months! :)


Today I am on “bedrest.” Which this doctor takes VERY loosely. Basically he’d prefer if I didn’t go run a marathon. He assures me that “they arent going to just fall out.” So I’m holding on to that truth today.

I get 12 days off from doctors appts, That’s a BIG deal at this point and a VERY welcomed vacation.


My next appt is August 8th. They’ll take blood work and determine the level of HCG in my blood. At that point they’ll know that I’m offically pregnant. (But we already know that, right?) :)

Good thoughts and prayers appreciated for the next 2 weeks, for sticky, strong babies!! (Oh yes, I most certainly did says babIES!!) :)


  1. Woo hoo! Let the party begin!

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