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Here we go! (part 2)

We took our seats in 24D and 24E. My nerves are through the roof. I (suddenly) hate flying. I am so terrified of everything about it. Aaron tries to make small talk with me to take my mind off of it. (Even though it doesnt work.) I nervously look down at my fingernails. He lowers his head too.

“You hate it, don’t you,” I asked him refering the grey fingernails I had just painted the night before to match my flyaway cardigan.

“Yea, kinda. But they match your sweater,” He replies honestly. At least he noticed…


LA was just as beautiful as the last time we were there (EXACTLY A MONTH AGO!) (We were becoming quite the LA adventurers!)

I was N-E-R-V-O-U-S!!!

I smiled (inappropriately) at EVERY couple that looked like they could have been my IP’s. My BIGGEST fear was running into them before I “officially” met them. What if they saw me yelling at Aaron, or freaking out over my hair, or picking a wedgie or something??

I was TERRIFIED of running into them. So I was on my best behavior. (some of my surro friends have told me this is a VERY common fear, so I dont feel as weird about it now!)

We arrived at the office, and again.. I paniced.

I slowly cracked open the door of the HUGE building, peeked around to see if I could see anyone that “might be them.” I couldnt, so I RAN to the elevator. How embarrassing would it be to ride on the elevator with them before you knew you were there to meet each other? I pushed the button and quickly the close door button. My hands were sweating. I was just smiling at Aaron, hoping he could say something to make everything ok. He tried.

When the elevator arrived at the floor, I made him get out and go look for them. When he reported the coast was clear I ran to the door of the agency. Now my fear turned to sitting in the waiting room when they walked in. How would I know if it was REALLLY them, or just another co0uple that looked like them?

We waited… and waited and waited..

Before someone came out to tell us our appt wasn’t for another hour. ANOTHER HOUR OF THIS????

But we made the best of it and did the tourist thing around the area. And we had A LOT of fun!

When we returned we found our IP’s were in the room waiting for us and getting “briefed”

(Bring on the NERVES)

There were only two questions I really wanted to ask during this meeting..

1) if they were Christian. (Not that it mattered ONE BIT to me, but I was simple curious if they would be offended if I mentioned how much I pray from them (every.day) Really I guess the question should have been “Would you be offended if I mentioned that I pray for you?” That’s WAY more PC!)

2) If I could blog about my experience (In case you were wondering, the answer was YES, but with some anonymity. I will not mention their names, their occupation or where they live. This will be a chronicle of the pregnancy and the process. Not to many things will be told about their family.)


As we walked into the room, my nerves didn’t come with me. It was amazing. I saw her sitting there and just like a cheesy movie, it was like no one else was in the room.

I will admit, one of the first things I noticed was that she was wearing almost the same cardigan as me. :)

Our meeting went great, we both smiled an inappropriate amount of times! We both stared at each other and it was fantastic!!!!


I was SO glad they agreed to go to lunch with us, That’s when the conversation got real. It’s amazing how this situation really opens you up. We went from meeting less than an hour ago to already starting to get our periods synced up. The poor guys sitting at the lunch table that had to listen to us discuss when our last periods were!

She stopped me on our walk to lunch, the guys continued infront of us. She told me how grateful she and her family were for what I was doing. How her mom had asked her to tell me thank you.

All I wanted to do was tell her thank you back. It crazy to me how they feel like I am doing this HUGE thing for them, but I feel like they are doing a HUGE thing for me. Trusting someone to carry your child is not an easy feat. I am so thankful for them..

Protcol is that we had 24 hours to respond to the agency to tell them yay or nay. The SECOND we hugged goodbye and got in our  respective cars I sent the email, “YES,  I love her SO much and they are SO perfect for us.”

I secretly hoped she did the same.

We arrived back at the hotel and I laid on the bed replaying everything from the day, my phone chimed. It was her, sending me and email telling me how great it was to meet us. My heart fluttered and I knew THIS WAS IT!!!



As we sat in silence all devouring our lunch Aaron looked down at her hands, I followed his eyes. We turned to each other and smiled. Her nails were painted a perfect shade of grey that matched her cardigan perfectly…






  1. Yeah! Your post made me feel all aflutter! I’m excited to hear all about your journey!

  2. ahhhh, your post made me get all misty eyed! :) I am soooo happy for you and your IPs!

    • Heather Winter Posted on AARON!! I am so happy to see this!! Even though it hasn’t been uedptad I would love to see your family and hear all about how you are doing. Mike told me you are expecting #2 and it just made me want to give you a hug! Mike and I keep you and your family in our thoughts. We have had so many fun times! I wish we could be raising our kiddos together! Lots of love-Heather

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