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Ending of the 1st (of many) medications…

It’s funny how the day I received that GIANT box of medication, it felt like Christmas.

Last night was my very last Lupron (Tummy Shot). I have officially ended the era of everyday shots.

Just as soon as it started, it was over.

*THIS medication may be over, but I still have once every 3 days Estrogen shots to my butt, 3x a day estro pills, 3x a day progest suppositories, 3x a day progest lozenges, and a bunch of other pills that I’m not sure what to do with yet…. This is just the FIRST to end..

My IM had her egg retrieval this morning. I was on pins and needles all morning until I heard from her.
While it’s a fairly easy and uncomplicated procedure, there is always a chance of complication.

She was a champ. She feels better than she ever has after an egg retrieval and is resting comfortably.

The doctor hoped to get a BUNCH of eggs from her. Some for this time and some to freeze for a little baby brother or sister down the road.

He was able to retrieve 6. He was disappointed. I am THRILLED. 6 sounds like a fantastic number to me.

Tonight they fertilize, and we’ll have a fertilzation report in the morning.

I am wracked with nervousness. But my mind is so positive. I am hopeful we’ll hear that all or most fertilized and are doing well.

Maybe I’m not nervous. I haven’t been nervous during these last stages of the process. Maybe nervous isn’t the right word.

I am confident everything will be great, but I am filled with anticipation of the news.

Anticipation. Not nervousness.


The first night back from Minnesota, I crawled in my bed and it felt foreign.

I woke up in the middle of the night still half in dream land and had some bizarre thoughts about how the blankets were squishing me and my legs didn’t have enough room between the mattress and blankets. (My body takes this preparing for pregnancy thing SERIOUSLY. (Says the girl who ate almost an entire box of HoHo’s before realizing what was going on.))

I have slept 3 nights in my bed.

Last night finally felt normal, and comfortable and like home.


I’m packing tonight to leave for LA.

Am I allowed to say that I REALLY need this vacation?

Afterall, this will be my 3rd visit to LA in 8 weeks. Not to mention the week I just spent in the midwest.

But, I need this vacation.

We’re making the most out of it.

We rented a car, we bought tickets to Universal Studios and we packed extra comfy pjs for bedrest.


IM’s eggs were retrieved and fertilized today.

Tomorrow we will have a fertilization report.

Monday morning I will receive a call to tell me if the transfer will happen then (a 3 day transfer)

or if we will do a 5 day transfer on Wednesday.

I am hopeful. I am excited. I am not the least bit scared or nervous.

I am so excited to see my IP’s again.


I cant wait to get to this hotel, and to meet my surro sister who will either be transferring the day after or the day before me.

I cant wait to start this journey with her.


Will you continue to keep (mostly) my IM in your thoughts and prayers. This will be a hard time for her and I need her to remain positive and hopeful. I pray a lot of peace and comfort to be with her.  I hope you’ll join me.

And of course, me and our sticky eggs.. We could use all the good thoughts and prayers you can spare..


  1. Yay!!!! Beautiful castle here we come to relax and make babies;)

  2. How exciting! Congrats on finishing up that ONE med. :) Even though there’s plenty more I’m sure it still feels like a checkpoint of sorts, like 1 more step down towards the goal. That hotel looks amazing! Gosh I’d be afraid I didn’t have anything fancy enough to wear just to walk in the front door. I’m jealous your hubby is coming along and you have some fun stuff planned too – enjoy it!

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