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I {heart} LA..

While the transfer of those perfect 3 embryos was definitely the highlight of our 3rd and final trip to LA (all in 8 weeks!), we also had a lot of fun while there.

They wanted us to fly in Sunday night, transfer Monday afternoon then fly out Tuesday afternoon. BUT.. I’m a little bit of an over achiever and thought, “Hey, why not fly in earlier and spend all day having FUN!!! One last hurrah before taking care of little beans for 10 months!”

SO.. we planned a CRAZY early flight, rented a car and decided to hit up Universal Studios.

But that wasn’t really enough for me, because if you are going to do something shouldn’t you do it ALL THE WAY??

May I introduce you to the “FRONT OF THE LINE PASS!!!!!”

That little tag hanging around our necks meant we simply walked on to any ride. No waiting out in the hot sun, no trying to entertain ourselves for 50, 60 or 70 minutes. We also had reserved seating at every show.

Don’t ask how much it was, just know it was worth every ounce of our sanity. (And kinda made us feel EXTRA special all day.) It was just what I needed..


After almost 10 hours at Universal Studios (and NUMEROUS times on EVERY ride. (The Simpsons ride was AWESOMEEEE!!! beeteedubs..)) We headed back to our car and had NO idea we’d be arriving at this castle of a hotel..

I couldnt think of a better place to have a little R&R after the transfer..

And the transfer was TOMORROW!!! Playing all day had kept my mind off it, but as we settled in late at night, it began to really sink in.


But not nervousness, just anticipations and excitement. I also couldn’t WAIT to see the parents.

We were thankful for late night room service, and also our very first full room service meal! (p.s. I PROMISE I had the salad.. not the pizza!)

We made sure that meal knew who was boss and settled into our castle beds.

The morning held so much for us!

I have already talked about the transfer, but left out the only picture we took at the transfer.. Me and my best friend “My Wandy.”

Man.. I was SO ready for that moment.


I was grateful the doctor didn’t ask me to be on STRICT bedrest. So we made the most of the beautiful California weather and preformed “bedrest” outside!

Anddddd… mayyyybe snuck away for one last city dinner. There is NO way we could go to Pasadena and not visit the Melting Pot. That cheese was calling me.

And really.. I walked no more than about 5 feet the whole night so it was practically bedrest! :)

And we put the hurt on that pot of cheese. (or maybe 2 pots of cheese..) But no one will tell on us. And I think the babies REALLLY liked it too!



And uh.. I probably shouldn’t leave out one itsy bitsy teeny tiny detail of our trip..
Meet our new twins.. :)


  1. Hi I am looking into being a surrogate mom. I was wondering what agency you are going through?

    • I just answered my own question. I was looking at your blog on my phone. I couldn’t see the whole website. Now I am on my computer and I saw the growing generations button. Good luck to you on your journey.

  2. Hi,
    I have read your blog for a little bit of time and went to follow you today on Twitter. It says you have blocked me. I was super bummed and a little confused. Is there a reason why you blocked me on Twitter? I would love to understand.
    Nicole Drysdale-Rickman

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