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His Eyes..

Miles has these eyes. Eyes that melt my soul.

But also eyes that draw attention everywhere we go. Big eyes like mommy, crystal blue eyes like daddy. The best of both of us.

We have NEVER been out in public without someone commenting on his blue eyes. Usually it’s elderly men and women. But it can be teenagers, new mom’s, middle aged women, or men in suits, those blue eyes catch everyone.

Everytime someone stops us to talk about his eyes, I laugh, thank them and tell them how much we love those eyes too.

But as they walk away, I think about them. About what they were thinking about when they saw Miles.

The other day we had an influx of business men in suits (at Wendy’s) smile at him as he was eating.  I started wondering if they had a little boy at home they were missing, or was their little boy all grown up now and they were remembering how sitting with a two year old at Wendy’s seemed like just yesterday for them.

I can always see it in their eyes. It’s not just a simple smile at a boy with beautiful blue eyes, its a longing for more or a sudden memory that hits them.

I always hope it’s a good memory, or that smile they shared with Miles will make them rush home a little faster after work to hugs their child they may have been missing.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of comments about his beautiful  eyes….


  1. Beautiful post–the perfect match for those beautiful eyes! They make me think about innocence (and how soon it’s lost these days). So yes, I think for everyone those eyes are not just stunning blue eyes but a trigger for a memory or passing thought.

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