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The junk food rut..

Do you ever get in a junk food rut WITH YOUR KIDS???

Let me back up a little…

Miles eats SOOOO healthy. 95% of the time.
He can’t eat: Dairy, Eggs, Soy, Peanuts, Rice, Oats, Turkey or Chicken.

That leaves……
All fruits and veggies, most pastas, one type of bread, beef, pork and tuna.

He has NEVER tried something he doesn’t like. I’M SERIOUS! This kid will eat anything!!!
(P to the S: I know we are SO BLESSED by this.)

I have ALWAYS made all of his baby food. He has NEVER had a jar of  baby food. I prided myself in this.. until recently.

We’re in this rut. He’s been eating like crap lately.

Sugar, candy, dye, processed food, fast food… ugh!

Every night I tell myself  “Tomorrow will be different”

Then we start the day out with a pop tart, followed by a package of smarties, followed by some potato chips, followed by hot dogs and onion rings for lunch, followed by a chocolate cupcake, followed by 3 spoon fulls of frosting, followed by … Do you see my point?? It’s never ending, allll dayyyy longggg.

I honestly don’t see it effecting his attitude, and he’s still sleeping great.

But when he would gladly choose broccoli and raw onion over ice cream, why am I doing this to him????

It’s easy, it’s effortless.

But I’m ready for this to be over. I need my healthy eater back. And even though I don’t see it effecting him much.. I know he’d be so much happier eating better foods. (HA.. am I talking about Miles or myself?? Hi there, kick in the pants!)

So we NEED to be more diligent. I WANT to be more diligent. but .. ugh!


  1. So– this is not a helpful comment at all (sorry!), but if he can’t have dairy, rice or soy– what is that ice-cream he’s eating made out of?? (I’m totally fascinated!) :-)

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