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It takes a villiage..

It takes a village.

When my parents called to say they were thinking of moving to Utah, my mind starting reeling.
“What if we got one big house and all lived in it. We could each have one floor and our ‘separate houses.’ doesn’t that sound fun?” I’d try to convince my parents, almost daily.

I would dream about it. We were busting at the seams of our firstlittle house. My parents already missed so much of their only grandsons life. It would be PERFECT. right?

Our dreams quickly became a reality, that just as quickly became a nightmare.

We found the PERFECT house. (actually 1 of 2 perfect houses, but we chose this one.) We found a wonderful tenant for our home and prepared to move in.

My parents prepared to leave their home and searched for jobs in Utah.

The day we moved in and my parents left California. I lost my job.
(Remember, my husband lost his job in 09 and has been at home with Miles while I worked.)

We were now 4 adults, 1 toddler, 3 dogs and 2 kittens moving into a brand new home with NO INCOME.

No jobs between any of us.

It took the breath out of me. For some reason, I was the only one concerned.

Needless to say, we survived. We are all SO blessed. My parents found fantastic jobs quickly and we (Aaron and I) are doing okay also.

We all live cohesively. My parents (their dogs and cats) live down stairs. They have the perfect area that fits them so well. A little basket on the wall at the top of the stairs for their mail. And a sign that hangs over the stairs that reads  “If Grandma says no, ask Grandpa.” they joke about adding an address to say 1/2. Miles refers to it as “Going to Papa’s house whenever he wants to go downstairs. He doesn’t know any different. Probably never will.

I think they’re happy.

We have the perfect area upstairs just for us.

We’re happy.

But most of all. We are a village. And this village raises a 2 year old. It takes all 4 adults most days.

And even then, sometimes we barely survive.

Sometimes I crawl into bed at night, breath a HUGE sigh of relief and think “How??? How in the world would we do this alone?” what if it were just my husband and I? I can. Not. Even. Imagine.

Sounds dramatic, but seriously.

This child takes a village, and I am so so happy we happen to have one under our roof.

It may not be the ideal situation for everyone, but it’s our situation and I’m so glad it is.


  1. Love this post. I am so happy everything works so well for your family. And I love that photo–you are a fabulous mom! And YES, it takes a village!

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