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Glimpse of Santa

So, Believe me.. I KNOW!!!!!!

YES, yes I am posting Santa pictures just mere hours before March.

I have a goal to be more on top of things (HA!) and that mean creating to do lists, getting up and getting dressed EVERY (weekday) morning, and getting things accomplished. (Day one is going great, thanks for asking!)

SO, here I am. Cleaning things out. And what do I find?? Our Glimpse Of Santa pictures. and HELLO, how can I no share these with you? They are gold. Pure gold!

Please go read more about Glimpse of Santa and why this photographer does this every year. I am SO SO thankful to Emily for helping me get in this last year. (Really, I’m so thankful for Emily all year long..)

And really, GOLDEN! (and also, WOW, what a difference just 2 months makes in toddlerhood time)

The last, and only smile we got. Little man is NOT a smiler for cameras.

What do you think they see? Rudolf? Cookies??

Ahhhh… maybe that’s what they were spying. A plate of  “bigger-than-your-head” fresch baked cookies

“Like really, check out this guy with the cookies.”


((Sidebar: I baked these larger than life vegan chocolate chip cookies from my FAVORITE recipe ever!!

If you didn’t say “awwwwww” we arent friends anymore. I mean, seriously.. AWWWWWW!

Jennifer Elaison did an AMAZING job with these picture. And her idea behind them is genius. (p.s. that’s me in that Santa suit) Miles responded so much better having me to look at and talk to. This was SUCH a fun experience.

And you know, I JUST put away the very last Christmas decoration in our house this week, so I’m not that far behind with these pictures. Right?????


  1. Awe, those are adorable!!!!

  2. This idea is awesome. I need to do it this year, I only hope I remember since it’s only March. :) Great pictures.

  3. Those are sooo awesome!

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