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Friday Night Pump..

Following in my good friend’s footsteps I realized I need at least one time a week to just dump out everything in my head. And since I, well, sit at the computer every night to pump. Here we are.
I feel like a broken record sometime when I say over and over how much I love this stage that Miles is in. It just keeps getting better and better. And THIS, this is my favorite. (My new favorite, so far, maybe not tomorrow.. you know.)
I’m still in awe every time he walked across the room, or comes running up the driveway. I can’t beleive he can walk. It seems like it was just yesterday we were propping toys in front of his face to keep his binki in. Time goes by so fast.
He learned how to say Hello today, and it is the cutest hello EVER.
The days are more trying for him and dad. Aaron’s trying so hard to get things up and running with his store, but Miles needs so much attention too. Combine that with the reduction of naps and by 6:30 when I roll into home I have 1 very cranky baby and 1 very tired daddy. Thank goodness for bed time.
I’ve been pretty stressed lately. Feeling like I am on the VERY.EDGE of a breakdown. Somedays I welcome it. Thinking if it would just come I could deal with it and move on. My work gets further behind every day, there is always something that needs to be done at home, my cake business is really picking up, I have so many new things to add to my etsy, I need to move my blog over to wordpress, I need to make an actual cake site (and need help) there are bills to be paid, and no money to pay them, I want to put the laundry away, I want to clean up the kitchen. I just feel it all piling. From what I can tell, the balance never gets easier.
I made the most AMAZING coconut milk ice cream this week. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and all the different flavors I could make. Cookies and cream. Cookie Dough. Cake batter. YUM!
I can’t believe in just a few days I actually get to meet so many awesome people at CBC. I’m very excited to go and for the little staycation it’s giving us.
I’m kind of adicted to staycations. There is something so refreshing about just getting out of your house for a night or two. Even if it’s just down the street.
Most night I watch Miles sleep on our video monitor and think about how I’d give anything to go cuddle in his bed with him. He has never slept in our bed and never wants to, but I want to cuddle with him so badly. I can’t wait till he moves to a big boy bed so I can sneak in there sometimes (or every night.. whatever)
Most days I feel like I’m going to blink and all of this will be a memory and I’ll be signing Miles up for drivers ed. I’m not ready for that… yet.

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