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We love our books…

Saturday morning I was in charge while Aaron took a shower. I was working diligently and suddenly realized it was far to quiet. I got up from my chair and started looking for Beez. Our bedroom door was open so I was sure he had wandered in there. I opened every door, looked under every piece of furniture, my heart started to beat faster with every empty space. I looked faster, ran around the house in an almost panic. He wasn’t anywhere, and it was so quiet. My mind jumped to the worst of conclusions. I finally opened the last closed door, his bedroom. There he was quietly sitting in his closet surrounded by books. Reading to himself. He looked at me as I drew a big deep breath. Softly walked over, pushed the door shut again and this time I watched him on the monitor return to his closet and pick up another book.
I guess kids need alone time too.


When only 2 people in this entire world new of the teeny tiny new baby growing inside of my tummy, I attended a book show and bought 10 children’s book. Surprisingly, no one asked why. They were my favorite books. They are my favorite books. Board books, and touchy feely. Virtually indestructible (but not so immune to spit up.)

Miles loved texture as a learning infant, these books brought him such joy. He could easily open up to the page with the lion’s scratchy paws. (It’s always been his favorite page!) The “That’s Not My…” is our favorite series, and our favorite set books.


There was a time I thought I would never be able to read to him. He never sat still, he hated just sitting down. I could make it through one page before the crying began. I wondered how parents read to their kids every night. I learned the answer to that question was, patience.

Now story time is our favorite time of night.

I can’t imagine our life without our books. The joy they bring to him. The peace they bring over him. We love them..

{Part of O My Books Week over at OMyFamily}


  1. We have That's Not My Train! My little guy LOVES it. And I love watching his precious little finger move over each texture with curiosity and giggle, every time.

  2. Sarah loves her books. When she gets quiet you will usually find her in a corner with a book. She still won't let us read to her but I figure that will come in the near future. I am always buying her books and pray that she will grow up to love reading as much as I do.

  3. Awe! He needed quiet time with his books!

    We love texture books, I will definitely have to look for the 'That's not my' series. Thanks for linking! Squeeee!

  4. I need to look for those books – I'm sure Abbi would love them too! She is really into the books that have flaps that you can pull up right now – she "reads" them every day.

  5. lareinaelena says

    Thanks for sharing the "That's Not My.." series. GREAT books.

  6. lareinaelena says

    Thanks for sharing the "That's Not My.." series. GREAT books.

  7. I love the "That's not my" series!

  8. I love the "That's not my" series!

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