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Mommy & Me Monday – Babywearing

Although I’m not nearly as “crunchy” of a mom as I’d like to be, my biggest regret in the early months of Miles’s life, is not getting into babywearing. I wish I had a whole slew of slings that I couldn’t live without. I think it would have made him a lot happier. And us too.

Even though he’s getting so big now, he still needs to be held, and I still love holding him. When I come home from work it’s our time. He doesn’t leave my side, and I like it that way.

I knew I needed something that could help me hold him and still let me get things done.

No one I know, knows babywearing quite like Stephanie . So when she suggested that the Mei Tai Ellaroo Hip carrier might be perfect for us, I jumped on it. Finding a great deal on a brand new carrier online.

It’s so perfect for us. It’s the closest he comes to ever giving us a hug. I have even caught him snuggling a time or two. He loves to be close and I love having him close.

We may be late to this babywearing party, but we’re making up for lost time.


  1. Sarah Halstead says

    Too cute! Glad you are on the baby wearing wagon now. Where did you get it? It looks really nice. I did't wear Dustyn at all, and he was so colicky. If I knew then what I know now it would have helped a lot. I can't wait to wear Little Joe when he arrives. I have a feeling I will have to wear him to keep up with Dustyn. LOL!

  2. Sara Joy says

    I love this! And it IS meaningful, because it is impacting all of you.
    The simple things that improve our lives are what it's all about.
    In my, very humble, opinion. :)

  3. Adventures In Babywearing says

    You chose a GREAT one!!!!


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