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I am hopeful..

Bath Time

Hopeful my son will grow up to be the man and boy he wants to be..

Hopeful he will know how loved he is..

Hopeful he will remain true to the faith we have raised him in..

Hopeful he will know of His love for him..

Bath Time

Hopeful he will understand the importance of our eternal family…

Hopeful he will be healthy and successful…

Hopeful he will be an example and a light for someone else..

Hopeful that he will make an amazing to husband to an amazing wife..

Bath Time
Hopeful he will be happy.

You Capture – Hopeful – Hosted by the amazing and always so beautiful I should be folding laundry.


  1. The Household 6 Diva says

    These pictures are adorable!
    And your words are poetic.

    Great job explaining the hopes of all mothers for our children!

  2. Life with Kaishon says

    Oh my word. Your son is SO sweet. Hopefully he will lead a very happy and wonderful life. I adore your pictures.

  3. Mama23Bears says

    this is so sweet! i wish i would have remembered to play along this week!

  4. sweet sweet words. adorable lil man!!

  5. Your sonis so cute and your words are just beautiful!

  6. So very true.

    Such a sweet boy.

  7. followingtheroad says

    These are very cute. You can just see the conversation he's having from his expressions. Adorable.

  8. Megryansmom says

    The most important thing we can hope for our children is for them to be happy. Great post!

  9. you can see the man in him already. adorable. (and i soooo know this feeling.)

  10. Upstatemomof3 says

    Those are some adorable pictures!! And I cannot remember ever hearing a truer wish. That would be my wish for all three of my kids as well.

  11. me too. such lovely post, and what a darling little man!

  12. imadramamama says

    Oh my gosh, that last picture is awesome and the whole post is Beautiful!

  13. Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry says

    Beautifully, wonderfully, exquisitely done! He is on the right path to all of those things…thanks to you.

  14. Mixed Up Me says

    :) I just love this boy!!

  15. So incredibly sweet! I didn't even end up doing this week's theme. I'm a loser…

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