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O Christmas Tree..

The morning started with telling Miles about what happens at Christmas.
He was SHOCKED.. obviously.

He tried his hand a hanging a few up.

Then mommy helped a little.

But she got distracted with kisses, and he got distracted with eating.

He also spent some time cuddling the reindeer from last Christmas.

How has is already been a year?

I’ve never loved you more than now…


  1. aww how cute! haha i love the "I dont know" picture!

  2. Crooked Eyebrow says

    So adorable, his cheeks…yum

  3. That last picture is so sweet!

  4. I can't believe he is just days from 1 year old. So crazy! I didn't even let Abbi help decorate the tree, although she did get into the lights!

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