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If you had told me..

If you had told me a few years ago that my Wednesday night would be filled with this…

I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

If you had told me last year, that by next Christmas my greatest joy would be watching my son eat corn chex like a “normal” toddler.

I probably would have laughed at you.

If you had told me the greatest joys in parenthood were the small things, the things you can’t really explain..

I wouldn’t have understood.

If you had told me how much I’d love him more today, than yesterday, and even more the next day.. How much being a mom has completely and underly changed me.. How much my world revolves around this man..
I would totally and completely agree with you.


  1. Oh, Ryley, this post is so sweet, and so completely true.

    And look at him attacking those corn Chex! That is AWESOME!

    You really had a great day yesterday, didn't you?! :)

  2. He just gets cuter and cuter! I just want to kiss those chubby cheeks of his. Last night Sarah had a pink nose from some sort of candy and it just made my day. I love the way little things like that can make your whole day.

    Merry Christmas! Hugs!!!

  3. Mixed Up Me says

    He made that much of a mess with Corn Chex?? I love that kid!!!

  4. Chex, freeze dried bananas, freeze dried strawberries, tatoes and what we call "drink"
    He was a disaster. But a cute disaster

  5. amen.

    merry Christmas, friend!

  6. I second what ~love said – AMEN! I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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