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The Kazoo…

Sometimes its hard for me to remember I’m raising a child. Not training a dog. I have been caught numerous times asking Miles to “Drop it” or “leave it”

Every time he learns something new I can’t wait to show everyone his new “Trick”

He has quite an arsenal of tricks lately.

When my parents were in town, my mom brought him a kazoo. She tried so hard to teach him how to blow into it while she was here. But the only trick she perfected with him was “shake it, shake it.”

Fast forward to a few nights ago. He’s playing on the living room floor while we are watching Monsters vs. Aliens. He is surrounded by toys, picks up the kazoo and actually starts to make noise with it!

And continues through 3 videos and then shows my mom on a video chat!

It is now pretty much his favorite thing to do. He’s even getting better at just blowing into it, not trying to talk into it!

I love new tricks!


  1. thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment about our adoption. =)
    love the name miles…and he's adorable! maybe i'll have to try a kazoo w/ our bianca! =)

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