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Any day now….

I swore I would NEVER be one of those parents that acutally incouraged their children to be mobile. The longer a baby stays immobile, the happier everyone is!

While I don’t really encourage it, I do cheer him on! When we were getting cleaned up from dinner last night I sat him on the kitchen floor, it wasn’t long before he noticed the dog dishes.

It was then that I realized those would make great motivation to crawl. He’s been so close for so long..

He still has a little more work to do.. but he’s close..


  1. Look at all that hair in the back!!! And I love the panting!! I think if he was on carpet, he would have been able to do it!! Riddick was prancing around all worried about the baby getting his food . . .poor thing!

  2. So cute! Sarah has no interest in crawling. She likes to just scoot her butt around.

  3. And just think how fun it will be when he is dumping out the water and eating the dog food!!!

  4. seriously?! He is sooooo cute!!!! I love the noises too!

  5. I think he'd be crawling if he was on carpet. Abbi slips all over the place on hardwood. And beware – once they start moving, they don't stop. It makes things 10 times as crazy!!

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