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Saying I Love You..

For anyone who has ever pump breast milk for a living (Yes, I consider it a full time job) You understand how precious every drop is.
When I got home last night and opened the fridge I realized that my husband doing this says I Love You more than a dozen roses or a diamond ring ever could..
That bottle had less than half and ounce of milk in it!
I love that instead of just secretly dumping it down the drain, he knew he should save it.
My coworker got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her husband yesterday and for a minute I was feeling sad. When I got home and saw this, I realized it was better than any flowers.
Thanks Babe…


  1. That is love!

  2. Mixed Up Me says

    The black and white witht he vignette makes the breast milk look so beautiful!!

  3. how true it is.

  4. Pumping for a living…..I remember those days so well. I would get so mad whenever a drop went wasted. Great husband you have!

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