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Our Saturday…

(Disclaimer: Almost every picture in this post contains the same pursed lips. That’s because Miles insists on spitting at us almost all day every day! Unless he’s fake coughing or high pitch screaming! Those video’s to come later….)

Saturday morning started with the annual neighborhood breakfast in Aaron’s parents neighborhood. In past years it has been horrible to drag ourselves out of bed and be there by 7am. This year it was nice to already be up and getting ready. Sometimes having a baby that doesn’t sleep in is a good thing!

Miles did soooo good all morning. When he started to get bored he ate some applesauce…
And then had some bird for desert… (He sat like this for a long time!)
And then he had some binki for the next course… (Are you getting the drift that something is ALWAYS in his mouth??)
After the breakfast we went home for nap time and to get ready for the bbq at Aaron’s parents house.

I knew it wouldn’t take long for his entire outfit to get covered with spit up so we tried to take a few pictures.

No, he’s not crawling yet.. and he still won’t even be on his tummy for very long, but he is getting better. He’ll only tolerate it when he rolls himself over, not when someone else puts him on his tummy.

And then he spit some more.. But I’d like to pretend he’s blowing kisses…
When we got to Aaron’s parents house he hung out in cousin Zack’s stroller.. (and chewed on a spatula..)
I made my VERY first layered Jello and it was so pretty! Until we left it sit on the counter in a very hot house for 3 hours.. then it turned to soup and everyone ate it with a straw.. :(
Miles chilled on the grass, spitting away until it was time for the water balloon games.
In true Miles fashion it was after 7pm so NOBODY could hold him except Daddy. And well, Daddy was in desperation mode. At that time of night you do whatever it takes to keep the baby happy..
Even if it means letting him suck on a water balloon!

I know.. we’re the worst parents ever! :)

We had a pretty good 4th even though we didn’t see any fireworks. I can’t wait until next year when hopefully he’ll be a little better about being up past 7 and he’ll actually enjoy the fireworks!


  1. He is such a little cutie!! I love the photos, pursed lips and all! And the family photo is so sweet.

  2. So cute!! Abbi is totally doing the spitting thing too – all the time. It's her favorite noise to make!

  3. Mixed Up Me says

    I like how he had to stop spitting to take a breath!!

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