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Wordless Wednesday – Stair Sittin’

5 months 3 weeks 7days old..


  1. Sorry, typo in my first comment. What I wanted to say was, your boy has skills. And he certainly looks adorable in tie-dye!

  2. Look at how well he is sitting!!

  3. Mixed Up Me says

    What's he doing sitting there??

  4. we were headed up to bathtime and I forgot his "bob" so i went back downstairs to get it and left him sitting there..
    just kidding!
    Him and aaron sat there while i went to get it..
    Let it also be known that aaron dressed him an that onesie and it is a 18 month onesie!! :)

  5. Mixed Up Me says

    Better than the newborn onesie!! Better to breathe than to suffocate!!

  6. Anonymous says

    3 weeks and 7 days? really? not 4 weeks?

  7. sorry, that last one was from me, Ashley. i just hit the wrong button

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