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A visit with Nipper..

Anyone remember this dog????? Even though I am too young to remember the first advertisements.. I know who he is and what he stands for.. (wow ..that sounded churchy!) But did you know his name was Nipper??? I didn’t.. until I read it on his collar…
This AMAZING dog joined us at work today. And I couldn’t stop petting this 3 foot tall Nipper…
A co-worker bought it off the Internet for her husband for fathers day, and had one of our drivers pick it up in Rock Springs for her. It is a terribly endearing story. He husband has a picture from when he was 2 years old, standing out side an RCA story next to Nipper. A Nipper that looks EXACTLY like this one. He has no idea she got this for him..
I couldn’t wait for Miles to get there today to see the puppy.. His eyes got so big as I lowered him down.. (Yes.. I do realize my child looks homeless in these pictures.. We have just given up on the hair…)
After loving Nipper, he got to go for a ride…

This dog made our office a whole different place today. You couldn’t help but smile as you walked past him. The truck driver that brought him back put him in the passenger seat of his cab looking out the window and even took a picture for my co-worker of Nipper’s Journey! He says he got A LOT of strange looks on the way back! :)
I wish we had a Nipper everyday…. My heart just melted for the giant chunk of plastic! :)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Happy Half-Birthday Pooks!! I love you!!!!!

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