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Trying for at least one good picture..

Today my…. niece (??) was blessed. (Technically Whitney is my second cousin in-law.. I guess. But her mom Katie and I are much closer than cousins. And even though she is technically Aaron’s cousin, I knew her and was friends with her before I even knew Aaron existed. She’s more than a cousin, and Whitney is way more than a second cousin in-law..)

My assignment for the day was to get a decent picture of Miles and Whitney for my sister.. We failed again, pretty miserably. We had this cute idea to have Miles hold her and all he wanted to do was pull her bow off and suck on her head.. It was hilarious, but not cute!

Here is what ensued…

“Mom?? What is she doing on me???”

“Seriously Mom, She’s touching me..”

“Hmmm.. on second thought, that bow looks mighty tasty…”

“Maybe she’s not so bad after all, If you give me your camera string I’ll smile!”

“She thinks she’s bored????????????”

And of course… Pretty Whitney… She will be 8 weeks old in just a few days…

Last but not least.. The only semi decent pictures of the cousins! How nice it will be in a few months when they can sit up next to each other!!


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    I Love all of them, especially the fourth one from the top, but man oh man, Miles looks like Dad in that picture!!

    Thank you for the pictures ! I wish I could have been there.

  2. Mixed Up Me says

    Rainbow looks like she's getting ready to punch him in the picture the second from the bottom!!

  3. I totally know how you feel – this was about what happened in our cousins picture!! It WILL be nice when they are older (but at the same time, I don't want Abbi to grow up!)

  4. Even though they might not be the "perfect" pictures, they sure are cute!

  5. Mixed Up Me says

    Okay, so I have to ask . . . where are the overalls that go with that shirt? I have been waiting and waiting to see him in that outfit!

  6. is it a layered long sleeve shirt??? like a white shirt under a striped green shirt?? If it is, then the shirt doesnt fit anymore. But he did wear it a bunch of times…

  7. Mixed Up Me says

    No, they are tan overalls that go with that button up shirt he's wearing in these pictures. The one you're talking baout I think is hte Old navy shirt and denim overalls.

  8. Oh… right! He wears those overalls alll the time. He has been for quite awhile. But the shirt has never fit him, until now. It's actually still really big on him. This is the first time he's worn that shirt.

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