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I almost forgot Miles’s first time swimming!!!
His favorite time of the day is bath time.. Every day I come home from work and sit down to feed him while I watch Gilmore Girls.. At 7:00 Aaron comes down the stairs singing our bath time song and Miles wakes right up and smiles..
He kicks and plays and laughs the whole time he’s in the water.. he loves it. Always has.. We were so excited to take him swimming for the first time.
I just wish it had been warmer.. The water was SOOO cold. He cried when we first put him in but then got used to it..
He never really had a super time… but he tolerated it.. I don’t think we ever got a smile or laugh out of him..
Maybe one day we’ll try an indoor warm pool!


  1. He looks so cute in his floatie! We are going to Oregon later this summer, and I can't wait to see how Abbi likes the ocean. I need to get her in a swimming pool, but then that would mean I'd have to put on a swimming suit…

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