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My day with Daddy..

I thought I’d share some random pictures from the week!
Aaron is great at sending me lots of pictures during the day because he knows how much I miss Miles!

I love going for walks, but this day was REALLY cold so Daddy said I had to bundle up really tight. Auntie called me burrito baby!

This is my “Chewy Ninja” face.. you should see “blanket ninja!”

I love being outside.. and I don’t even mind all this green stuff!
My happiest time is in the morning. I love hanging out with Daddy in the morning.

I even help dad out during the day by feeding myself. Dad’s busy and has to get work done too!

I like when he puts me up tall to work with him. We get lots of work done this way..

Sometimes the only way I am happy is laying right on the desk.

Big thumbs up for walks! (And chewies)

Anytime I am outside is a good time!

Mom wasn’t really sure what was going on when daddy send her this picture!

I hang out in my jummpy when Daddy tries to do the dishes…

This one is for Mac. You just have to get your Daddy to give you the chocolate. They don’t know any better!

Baby and Daddy have so much fun together everyday. And at least I get to be there in pictures!!!
Oh and on last one.. Miles has taken to sleeping with the blankets up over his face lately. Even with our video monitor and AngelCare I still worry about him! After I know he’s sound asleep I go in a pull it down. Only to wake up a few hours later and see it back over his face! Thankfully he sleeps with a crocheted blanket my mom made so it has breathing holes! :)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    HAHAHAHA Breathing holes!!!!

  2. Mixed Up Me says

    By the way, I sleep with the blanket pulled up over my head too!!

  3. Niff and Andy says

    LOL @ the breathing holes! We've had tons of "thanks goodness for trachs" moments because Mackenzie's been covering her face lately too. Silly kiddos.

  4. How fun that you get to share the day in photos!! I should start sending pics to my husband so he can share the day as well.

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