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The Gardens..

When Aaron’s mom’s work was having an open house we decided it was just the sort of thing Miles would LOVE! And boy we’re we right, he had a blast walking around the gardens. We were there for quite a few hours and he was such a good boy…
Karen thinks he is happier when he is wearing his sun glasses because maybe he feels like he can hide behind him and that people can’t see him (remember he’s not a fan of people!)
But he’s so pretty when he peaks out of them too! :)

Look how big my baby is….

He was allll smiles…

Except when he scowled for his picture with Daddy…

And it would have been nice for at least a little smile for a family picture..
But I’ll take what I can get!


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Oh, I LOVE the third one from the bottom!! And, i think Karen might be right about the sunglasses!!

  2. Maybe I need to get some sunglasses for Abbi since she doesn’t really love being around people, too! I think Abbi and Miles would get along together great!

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