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6 months.. (almost..)

I always felt like people took pictures of their naked baby’s so that everyone coud ohhh and awwww over their precious rolls.. it always seems like you see naked pictures of
very rolly polly babies.
My baby is neither rolly or polly.. In fact he’s pretty darn skinny.
Since we are only a few days away from his 6 month birthday..
I thought I would post these as 6 month pictures.
His doctors appt is not for a few days, but I guess he’s not much over 14 lbs right now.
He still fits into an awful lot of 3 month clothes… at 6 months old!!!!
But in comparison, his daddy was only 15 pounds at 1 year, and I was 18 lbs at 6 months.
I guess he just falls right in between!
And that happens to be our favorite place for him to be.. right in between!

Love you Beebza.. Happy 6 months baby…


  1. Happy 6 months! Cute pics!

  2. Mixed Up Me says

    I love them!! Especially the first one . . .the deep thinker!! I can't believe it's been 6 months!!

  3. What a handsome boy! And I definitely think I see a few rolls…and a sweet belly!

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