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Archives for June 2009

First Fathers Day…

Last Father’s Day we announced we were pregnant…
A whole year later…. A Daddy and his baby celebrate together…
(Is there ANY doubt where he got those blue eyes from???)
Their first picture together…

And just one more, because it is so darn cute…

Don’t ever forget Beebs, that you Daddy is there to hold you up FOREVER..

Happy Fathers Day Babe! Thanks for being the most amazing dad in the whole world. When I married you I knew what a great husband you would be, but I never could have imagined the type of Father you’d become. Your love for Miles astounds me. The patients you have for him is unparalleled. I am thankful everyday that Heavenly Father chose you to be his Dad. Chose you to be the one to bond with him and guide him through this life. You make me so proud. I’ve never been more happy to call you my husband, my best friend and the father of my child.
I love you so much….
Happy Fathers Day…

Our corner of the garden…

This year a family in Aaron’s parent’s neighborhood offered to let them use their gardening plot because they didn’t have the time to tend to it. Being the avid gardeners that Aaron’s family is, they jumped on the idea of having a family garden.

They spend countless hours planning everything out and assigning each of us a few rows to maintain. We have it the easiest sine we live just down the street, but at the same time, we have the youngest child!

We finally made time this weekend to head over and weed our rows.. YIKES.. it was scary..

This is most of the garden. There is EVERYTHING you can imagine planted here. You name it.. it’s growing…
These are our rows. I think there is Onions, (a few different kind maybe) Green Cabbage, Purple Cabbage, Cauliflower, and Broccoli. I think. There maybe be more growing on our rows, I’m just not sure. Aaron ever had to walk me through how to weed, I’ve never weeded anything. I’m glad I had the cabbage and onions, it was pretty easy to tell what was a weed.
This is as far as we got with our weeding in 3 hours with a 6 month old tired and hungry baby… But I think we did pretty darn good.
Speaking of the baby.. This is how he spent his 1/2 birthday. Out in the garden in the rain!
Thankfully we had a towel in the car so we could make him a little tent. He enjoyed it for the most part.
I don’t know why.. but I think that bean plants are so pretty.
I can’t wait till these are ready to harvest and I can cook them up for Miles. We snacked a little on them when we needed a break (shhhh…) and even let Miles suck on one of them. He was so mad when we took it away. I hope that means he’ll like to eat his vegetables!

I can’t wait to start making and freezing baby food…

I love our garden. Even though we haven’t contributed too much to it. It gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. I love knowing that so much will come out of this garden this year that we will all have plenty of food and be able to share with others too. I’m especially looking forward to the reduction in the grocery bill that will come. We could probably live off of everything in his garden alone! But we wont….

A visit with Nipper..

Anyone remember this dog????? Even though I am too young to remember the first advertisements.. I know who he is and what he stands for.. (wow ..that sounded churchy!) But did you know his name was Nipper??? I didn’t.. until I read it on his collar…
This AMAZING dog joined us at work today. And I couldn’t stop petting this 3 foot tall Nipper…
A co-worker bought it off the Internet for her husband for fathers day, and had one of our drivers pick it up in Rock Springs for her. It is a terribly endearing story. He husband has a picture from when he was 2 years old, standing out side an RCA story next to Nipper. A Nipper that looks EXACTLY like this one. He has no idea she got this for him..
I couldn’t wait for Miles to get there today to see the puppy.. His eyes got so big as I lowered him down.. (Yes.. I do realize my child looks homeless in these pictures.. We have just given up on the hair…)
After loving Nipper, he got to go for a ride…

This dog made our office a whole different place today. You couldn’t help but smile as you walked past him. The truck driver that brought him back put him in the passenger seat of his cab looking out the window and even took a picture for my co-worker of Nipper’s Journey! He says he got A LOT of strange looks on the way back! :)
I wish we had a Nipper everyday…. My heart just melted for the giant chunk of plastic! :)

Wordless Wednesday – Stair Sittin’

5 months 3 weeks 7days old..

6 months.. (almost..)

I always felt like people took pictures of their naked baby’s so that everyone coud ohhh and awwww over their precious rolls.. it always seems like you see naked pictures of
very rolly polly babies.
My baby is neither rolly or polly.. In fact he’s pretty darn skinny.
Since we are only a few days away from his 6 month birthday..
I thought I would post these as 6 month pictures.
His doctors appt is not for a few days, but I guess he’s not much over 14 lbs right now.
He still fits into an awful lot of 3 month clothes… at 6 months old!!!!
But in comparison, his daddy was only 15 pounds at 1 year, and I was 18 lbs at 6 months.
I guess he just falls right in between!
And that happens to be our favorite place for him to be.. right in between!

Love you Beebza.. Happy 6 months baby…