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Thanks Poston Family!!!

While we were in California the Poston Family gave Miles a Baby Shower/Birthday/Easter present… We’d had our eye on a bouncer and a high chair we wanted to get and with the gift card they gave us we are able to get both!!
So part one of their gift is this bouncer. We love EVERYTHING Baby Einstein in our house. Almost every toy we have is Baby Einstein and we’ve never been disappointed. Baby sure loves those songs.
He hasn’t quite figured out all that he can do with it yet…
And he can’t quite reach the floor….

But he still has fun!

And even laughs while he plays..

And sticks his tongue out…

We adore this toy because it has an open bottom so we can set it on any surface and he can feel different textures on his feet, and it collapses completely flat for easy storage.
Thanks Poston Family!!!! We love his present… It’s exactly what we wanted! :)
And hopefully soon he’ll be sporting his new high chair.. (as soon as I finish my hours of research and find just the right one!)


  1. I really want one of these!! I’m starting to feel as if my house is being taken over by baby contraptions, but as long as they are happy, right!?!

  2. boy do I know what you mean! We have 3 boucy chairs, a swing, a play mat, tons of toys, a bumbo, this jumper.. and no room for us! :)

    I completely recomend this jumper. It’s fabulous.. it has a piano that plays songs like the star from the mat. and you can hang linky things from the poles, and attach the star to it, and it fold flat!! My biggest requirement.. (even though we have yet to actually put it away!!) And he adores the mirror and spining frog. He spends most of his time at the mirror!

  3. The Baugh Family says

    Wow… that thing is a monster!

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