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The hike…

Aaron’s family always goes up to the canyons for Memorial day breakfast, and while MOST of us complain about having to be there by 7:30am we always enjoy ourselves. In the past years we have brought Riddick with us, but this year we opted against it and I’m actually really glad, there were quite a few dogs in the canyon and it would not have been fun!
Baby LOVES being outside so we knew he was going to have a good day. And he did. There may have been only one little time that he whined a little, other than that he was all smiles!
It was however, REALLY cold when we got there that morning. And no one was really prepared for how cold it was. I grabbed a blanket right as we were walking out the door “just in case” I am glad I grabbed it!
Baby enjoyed a nice “bob” after we all ate breakfast and right before we headed up the mountain on our hike… We call this burrito baby!
And we posed for one quick picture…

There was nothing like a hike up a mountain to remind us just how truly out of shape we are!!!
When Aaron would complain about how heavy Miles was and how tired he was, I just kept reminding him that I had to carry him like that for 9 months! This is his turn..
(doesn’t the baby look totally giant in this picture???)

He spent pretty much the entire hike laughing, talking and kicking. He had the time of his life…

Right after that last picture was taken Aaron sat down on a log to rest. I handed him the Bink just to entertain Miles. The second he put it in his mouth, he was out. All that walking must have worn him out. He actually stayed asleep for about 10 more minutes into the walk, and then woke up all happy.

We hiked for about 2 hours that day, and even though we were completely out of shape and felt like we were going to die, it was worth it because Miles had so much fun!!
Next up on the agenda.. SWIMMING!!!


  1. Love that last picture – too cute!! What a fun day. I bet Miles had tons of fun!

  2. The Baugh Family says

    You guys should invest in a nice kiddie backpack! I have one and love it. It’s for bigger babies and balances you out more cause you wear it on your back.

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