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21 days

It has been said that after 21 days of solid repetition that we create a habit.

It has just been a little over 21 days since I’ve had any dairy. (well except for that little teeny tiny bite of the husbands cheese enchilada I had on Monday night)

Has it been hard.. ABSOLUTELY! It seems like all quick-fix meals involve dairy. Or at least the ones we eat.

Our favorite snack to go get is ice cream, so we miss out on that…

I would love some cheese… like really love! :)

But its getting easier.. I don’t forget anymore. I instinctively look for items without dairy, and always remember to order things “Without the cheese”

If I’m out and about I know I can count on a slurpee or a mc donalds pie or cookies to pull me through a snack craving.

The Real Question : Is it working??

I have no clue!!!!!!

Does the baby seem happier??? YES
Does he spit up less??? NOOO
Is his skin getting better?? Big fat NO
Are we all generally happier?? I guess so…
Is it worth it??? Wondering that now…

I really wanted to give it a full month to see if his skin would improve.. we are only 7 days away from the one month mark and I have seen ZERO improvement in his skin from my diet.

i think the next step is to have a day when I totally binge on dairy and see if he is worse the next day.. but who wants to deal with him if he is??

And then the step after that…. maybe try to cut out wheat…. YIKEEES.. the only thing worse than not eating cheese would be not eating bread. Honestly.. I don’t think it’s worth it. I know.. I’m a bad mom.. but it’s just skin! :)

I battle back and forth wondering if his temperament is just improving or if something we have changed has made him better… It’s a tough call..

I increased his meds without consulting his doctor.. (I know.. I’m bad..) but i think it has REALLY helped… Now I just have to convince the doctor that it’s helping. (btw.. I did a TON of research on it before increasing it, and I know he can safely be on a higher dose.)

I guess my point was.. 21 days does in fact make a habit, but it doesn’t make missing cheese any easier…

You know what does??

This guy…


  1. Anonymous says

    Definitely not a bad mom. If you are, I’m worse. I wouldn’t even consider changing my diet before I would change to formula! Good Luck! People always ask me similar questions about my girl. “Is her medicine helping? Is that why she isn’t so fussy?” My answer is always, I don’t know. She could be growing out of it, or the medicine may be making a big difference. Ugh…trial and error right? The memory of good days are what get you through the bad!


  2. I can’t imagine having to give up anything – especially dairy – so I commend you! I hope you figure it all out soon and the answer is an easy one!

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